The New Ontario Business Registry has Launched

In May I wrote about the changes to the filing of Ontario corporate annual returns and how I felt that the changes to these filing requirements was tied to the development of a new Ontario publicly accessible database. In my May article I said that I thought that the new Ontario Business registry was the first piece of the puzzle that needs to be implemented in order for a whole host of other things to be able to be introduced. You can read my May article here:

On October 19, 2021, the new Ontario Business Registry launched. The new Ontario Business Registry allows public access to the information in the Ontario government’s corporate database, allows entities to maintain their Ontario organizations directly, and allows entities to provide authorization to their legal professionals to file documents and notices on their behalf without having to use a private third-party service provider or file documents through the mail or by e-mail.

As with all new things, there are some glitches and issues that will need to be resolved by the Ontario government. Patience will be needed for the next while, while everyone gets used to this new system and issues are identified and resolved.

In order to use the new Ontario Business Registry, you will need a company key. This company key must be requested from the Ontario government’s ServiceOntario site: Once requested, the Ontario government will mail the company key to the registered office address of the entity.

Please use caution: As a first step, please conduct a search on the applicable entity and make sure that the registered office address is correct and current. As I said, there are some glitches and issues to resolve. Before you request a company key, make sure that the address in the new Ontario Business Registry is accurate and current. To search for your entity, click here:

I will be posting updates when I have new information to share.